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The home of hand-poured, soya wax candles … sourced with care, made with love

Welcome to the White Candle Company. Established in 2014, from a desire to provide customers with a natural, environmentally friendly candle at an affordable price. All of our candles are kept their natural white colour, using Eco Soya-Wax and cotton wicks. Our packaging is kept to a minimum, keeping our prices low and making our products ecologically sound. All containers have been carefully selected so that they can be re-used or re-cycled. The White Candle Company uses thoughtfully blended fragrances using the finest ingredients including luxurious essential oils and delicate fragrance oils. The level of the perfume in the wax is as high as the manufacturing process will allow.

Important Notice

If anyone has bought a 4 wick candle from me within the last 2 months, please be aware we have had a faulty batch of glass, which has resulted in the glass cracking under excessive heat for long periods of time. If you believe you may be affected, please contact me with a date and location of your purchase so I can discuss this further with you.

To my knowledge there were only a maximum of 6 glasses that may be affected and can be easily identified as the thickness of the glass wall appears to be thinner on one side by up to 3mm. Please get in touch so I can arrange for collection of said glass and immediate reimbursement.

I can only apologise for this and confirm that I will be taking the matter up with the glass manufacturer as a matter of urgency.

31st December 2016

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